Dor Shinar

I'm Dor Shinar. I am a web developer, who also likes to write articles. This is my blog!

A Guarded City with no Defensive Wall - My 2¢ on TypeScript

TypeScript is a police protecting a city that has no walls - if you let anyone in you'll have a really bad time. But It's definitely not useless.

Awesome Chrome Dev Tools Tips and Tricks

The Chrome dev tools are super powerful, and most people don't use them to their full extent. I'll try to help with that.

Rectangular Speech Bubble with Pure CSS and HTML

Creating a rectangular speech bubble turned out more complicated that I thought. Who knew?

Continuous Integration with Github Actions and Puppeteer

Using puppeteer for e2e testing is really awesome. I'll show you how to integrate it with github actions.

Themes Using CSS Variables and React Context

CSS variables are awesome! We can integrate them beautifully with React Context for a super easy way to theme our application.

Be The Perfect Teammate!

Being a good teammate is sometimes more important than being a good developer.

Building a Personal Blog

A journey toward a professional-ish blog for my articles and thoughts.

Why I've Stopped Writing Snapshots Tests in Jest

I've stopped using them as I find no use maintaining useless tests. Enlighten me if you can!

I am a Great Developer

Just kidding, I'm not. But I believe there are a few key elements that anyone can master to level up their game.

Linting Your React+Typescript Project With ESlint and Prettier

ESlint and Prettier are a bless for the JS world, and up until now there was no proper solution to achieving the same greatness with typescript. In this guide I'll walk you through how you can drink the cool kids juice as well.

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